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The goal at Jonas & Driscoll law firm is to exceed the expectations of its clients through excellence. Jonas & Driscoll is a litigation law firm skilled at winning jury trials on behalf of its clients in both State and Federal Court.

Jonas & Driscoll has earned an outstanding reputation in a number of discrete practice areas including: Civil Rights and Criminal Defense.
The Law Firm of Jonas & Driscoll has extensive experience representing individuals and Marijuana Collective members charged with transportation, distribution, cultivation and sales of marijuana. Unfortunately law enforcement, prosecutors and many judges violate the law by ignoring the Marijuana Medical Program Act. Recent case law has adopted many of the California Attorney General Guidelines providing a blue print for lawful possession, cultivation, transportation and distribution of marijuana. While these same actions are still in violation of Federal Law, ironically it is the state agencies who are aggressively prosecuting marijuana providers. If you are charged with a marijuana related offense call Jonas & Driscoll for a free consultation

Representative clients include doctors, lawyers, large companies, entertainers, executives, politicians in addition to individuals with diverse backgrounds. The firm is accustomed to handling high profile matters by keeping them low profile when it is in the best interests of the client. When press attention will help the client, the firm is accustomed to attaining local, state and national coverage of its cases.

Jonas & Driscoll provide aggressive representation with personal service. In all phases of representation the firm prides itself on complete investigation, thorough preparation and attention to detail.

The management style at Jonas & Driscoll is designed to cater to the client’s individual litigation needs. A partner is assigned to the client from the inception. All concerns, questions and issues are dealt with directly between the client and the Partner in charge of the matter. This direct communication approach ensures responsiveness to client needs allowing for an expeditious cost effective resolution of every case.

Jonas & Driscoll has successfully prosecuted numerous cases resulting in lucrative dispositions for its clients. In addition, the firm has successfully defended criminal cases and then sued in both state and federal court recovering millions for their clients who were attacked and/or falsely prosecuted. Jonas & Driscoll has substantial experience reaching disposition in these matters through settlement, mediation and trial.

In all phases of representation, the goal is maximize the probability of a favorable outcome through complete preparation and sound judgment. This philosophy has earned Jonas & Driscoll a nationwide reputation for excellence and the respect of the legal community.


$7.1 Million

Dirks v. County of Los Angeles
News Article

$4.5 Million

Cazares v. City of Bell Gardens
News Article

$4.2 Million

Carranza v. City of Los Angeles
News Article
News Article

$1 Million

Goodrow v. City of Hawthorne
News Article

60 Pounds

Doven v. California Highway Patrol
News Article