Pursuant to Health and Safety Code 11362.775, qualified patients who associate collectively to cultivate marijuana for medical use, will not face criminal sanctions for possession for sale or transportation of medical marijuana. These protections were created by the legislature through the Medical Marijuana Program Act under Health and Safety code ยง 11362.7 et.seq. The legislature promulgated the Medical Marijuana Program Act to enhance the access of patients to medical marijuana by exempting medical marijuana collectives from criminal sanctions. However, any conduct involving marijuana is still a violation of Federal Law.

Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana for Sale
Medical Marijuana


$7.1 Million

Dirks v. County of Los Angeles
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$4.5 Million

Cazares v. City of Bell Gardens
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$4.2 Million

Carranza v. City of Los Angeles
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$1 Million

Goodrow v. City of Hawthorne
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60 Pounds

Doven v. California Highway Patrol
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